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Ketchup Market

2012 national ketchup industry put forward Suggestions on the insurance on a "leak", big companies in the industry have good leadership, industry achieved positive results, contribute to enterprises significantly reduce inventory. According to industry backbone enterprises tunhe co., LTD. The analysis of the cost of tomato sauce at home and abroad, the current domestic production of 2012/13 would tomato paste price has gradually close to breakeven, if $50 / t international market prices continue to rise, domestic tomato sauce production enterprises is expected to be profitable (figure 2). In 2014, our country tomato sauce completely cost about $975 / t, and the European importers of FOB price is $918 / t, the edge of the tomato paste is still losing money. The pattern of production is greater than the need to ease tomato markets around the world, the international tomato market prices rebound; But tomato paste production and marketing situation there are still a lot of uncertainty, global ketchup inventory pressure is still large, the price rise is difficult to continue for a long time, tomato paste price rise space is limited.

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