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How To Do Canned Litchi

Oct 21, 2016

The practice of litchi canned

 1) material: select the fruit fresh, white, fruit firmness, pretty mature, sweet taste slightly acid, fragrance thick, not easy to change color when processing, easy to shell. 

 (2) finishing: use to nuclear device to go nuclear. Shell, go nuclear pulp to complete, to avoid broken, colour and lustre is normal. Then the wood pulp, Browning spot pulp repair. Mouth to tidy, no perforation. 

 (3) to clean: wash the pulp with flowing water clean, drain off water. Cleaning faster and shorter time.

 (4) with sugar water, sugar and water in a ratio of 3:7 match into the sugar water in the pot, heat to melt sugar, away from the fire filter.

 (5) canning: 500 grams of glass bottle after disinfection, pulp 280 grams, 230 grams of sugar water. The top of the tank are for 2 ~ 3 mm gap. The tank cover and aprons prior disinfection; Into the pulp of less than 55% of the net weight; Sugar water should strike out in 30 minutes; The injection of sugar water temperature above 80 ℃.