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Canned Tuna Process Requirement

Canned tuna process requirement

Raw material acceptance: sanitary quality should comply with the "GB2733-94 water fish health standard" the relevant provisions. The stale fish shall not adopt any of the improvement of the level 2 below.

The processing of raw materials: fresh fish in clean water. Fresh frozen frozen fish with flowing water, in fresh frozen completely, quality unchanged.

Cooking: cooking time should be determined according to the size of the raw fish, and strictly control.

After finishing: cooking fish should fully cold body, in order to make the tightly solid, and then to arrange, so as not to break.

Tank: adopt the "GB10785-89 open top metal drum specifications series of sulfate resistance of amphibious all 860 coating tinplate cans.

Vacuum sealing: after sealing cans, cleaning detergent and water, rinse in fish tank outside the residue and soil, and sterilization in bactericidal basket (cage).

Sterilization: after canning sealing, should the sterilization as soon as possible. In the process of sterilization, should strictly according to operation procedure, lest cause defective or scrap, sterilization procedures for: 15 ˊ ˊ - 65 - back pressure cooling / 121 ℃.