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Canned Fish Not Appropriate Crowd

Oct 21, 2016

Canned fish not appropriate crowd

Diabetes diet should reduce salt intake due to the high salt diet is an important pathogenic factor of hypertension; And high blood pressure will increase the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Thus salt intake is diabetes control cannot treat STH lightly, to reduce salt intake, less when cooking with salt and pepper and other spices, eating fresh food as far as possible at the same time, avoid to eat canned fish, canned soup, such as canned food, eat less pickles pickled foods, like, salted fish, salted egg. [4]

In consumer reports, the latest report stressed: "canned tuna is likely to contain excessive amounts of mercury, the consumption of people in the middle of a dangerous, so as the high risk population of pregnant women had better not to eat tuna." Consumer reports also said: "in the latest test results were found in some cases, these examples showed that the canned tuna is made from a small amount of oil and canned tuna also contains a lot of dangerous heavy metal hg, if eat the tuna, the physical harm to people is very big."