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Canned yellow peach points

Oct 24, 2016

Canned yellow peach points

Operating points

① material on how to select the maturity of 8.5 becomes full, fresh, no pests and diseases and mechanical trauma, high quality peach 5cm in diameter.

② cut along the seam, digging nuclear peach cut in half lengthwise, not skew size block, has been cut in half after the peach slices dipped in salt water color 2%. Will be cut in half Peach with dig dug for nuclear to peach, to dig and smooth elliptical, but fruit sold not dig too much or break, but some red pulp. Digging nuclear in time after alkali leaching, or immersed in 2% salt water color.

③ Peel, rinse down the nuclear pit the peach slices evenly one layer tile to hot wire soda online, making skin full of lye shower. Lye concentration for 6%~12% at a temperature of 85~90℃. Processing time for 30-70s, then rinse with clean water lye.

④ boils will wash the peach pieces in lye 0.1% hot solution of citric acid, hot 2~5min in 90~100℃, to the peach pieces of translucent for the degree. Blanch in cold water immediately after cooling.

⑤ trimmed and filled with a sharp knife cut peach surface spots, the residual dander. Trimmed peach blocks separated by different color, size canning, note that emissions in order, fill weight net weight of not less than 55%. Canning immediately after injecting more than 80 ℃ hot water, sugar concentration 25%~30%, citric acid and 0.1%, 0.03% of the different Vc.

⑥ sealing exhaust heat exhaust, exhaust, to the Central temperature of 75 ° c sealing immediately. Or vacuum exhaust, vacuum 0.03~0.04MPa.

⑦ sterilization, cooling, sterilization 10~20min in boiling water, then cooled to around 38 degrees Celsius.