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Canned yellow peach notes

Oct 24, 2016

Canned yellow peach notes

1 choose maturity high quality peach, peach high acidity of maturity and sugar/acid ratio is small, poor flavor, color affect the finished product. High tannin content increases the enzymatic Browning conditions.

2 cans should be cleaned before canning, and then sterilized with steam or hot water, not too long after disinfection to prevent microorganisms, impurity contaminated again.

3 cans, packaging the label according to the national regulations. Wrapping paper boxes and cushioning material, sealing tape according to the national regulations.

4 insulation testing method will cause loss of color and flavor of canned, commercial sterility test method should be used if the conditions permit.

5 preventing peach color in the production process, prevention measures there are variety and maturity to control raw materials, strengthen raw material processing using color liquid color, use citric acid to prevent discoloration for canned food, sugar not containing sulfur and so on.

6 Note accessories quality requirements: white sugar, dry, white is more than 99%, no smell; hydrochloric acid, industrial products, arsenic content not more than 0.05% sodium hydroxide, industrial products, arsenic content not more than 0.05%.