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Canned Litchi Safe Hidden Trouble

Oct 24, 2016

Canned litchi safe hidden trouble 

In order to maintain canned litchi lychee original colour and lustre, prone to sulfur dioxide violation, consumers should be vigilant. [the scholar for canned litchi processing, storage of the easy occurrence of Browning phenomenon, through the L9 (34) orthogonal experiment to determine the optimal sweet syrup litchi stabilizer.color-protecting combination is: 0.30% VC + 0.30% phytic acid + ZnCl2 + 2.0% NaCl 0.25%. With the optimal sulphur-free stabilizer.color-protecting processing canned litchi, improved process samples at room temperature and storage under natural light, storage period, every 2 months of litchi fruit pulp Browning intensity. The results show that the optimal sulphur-free stabilizer.color-protecting processing can effectively inhibit Browning of litchi pulp, 12 months storage of the colour and lustre of litchi fruit pulp and Browning intensity has no obvious changes, compared with 0.3% NaHSO3 processing, color effect, the optimal stabilizer.color-protecting without sulfur is a good substitute for sodium bisulfite.